Exploring public APIs and the Public API Network


Postman Lead Product Manager Strategist Deepa Goyal and I recently took a trip down the Postman Public API Network lane in one of our latest Posman livestreams. It was so wonderful to collaborate with Deepa, who previously worked as a product manager for PayPal’s public APIs. In this session, we covered the what, why, and how of all things public APIs. Here are some key takeaways:

What is Postman’s Public API Network?

The Public API Network Landing Page
The Public API Network landing page

Similar to GitHub repositories, Postman’s Public API Network is the world’s largest public API hub allowing you to find trending APIs, find your next project, or connect with the API community.

Public workspaces provide a common platform for both API producers and consumers. And now the API Network is the place where producers of APIs can publish their APIs through the creation of public workspaces, while also being the place where consumers of APIs can discover and interact with APIs they may be interested in.

What producers can do

If you are part of a team that produces public APIs, you can get started by creating a public workspace. Anyone in the Postman community can access a public workspace. A public workspace can enhance a new user’s onboarding experience with your API, inspire your existing users with new use cases and resources, increase your API’s discovery in Postman search results, and enable you to work publicly with partners.

Learn more:

What consumers can do

On the Public API Network, consumers can search, explore, and discover APIs based on:

Once consumers find what they like and what they want to work with, they can go ahead and fork these collections into their own workspaces and watch for any changes.

Why is the Public API Network valuable?

Discover public APIs by teams
Discover public APIs by teams

Postman has over 20 million users worldwide—and that number is only growing. The API platform is where APIs are discovered, created, and utilized. With that in mind, some of the biggest value propositions for building and using the Public API Network include:

How can you work with public APIs and the Public API Network?

If you are a consumer of public APIs

Search and explore all that the Public API Network has to offer. You can search Postman for public collections, workspaces, and APIs you may be interested in and filter your search by type:

You can browse by:

If you see something you like, go ahead and fork into your own workspace and get started with working with public APIs.

Learn more about:

If you are a producer of public APIs

Get started by:

As a producer of public APIs, investing time into building a great team profile, setting up your public workspace, and creating great documentation will make a world of a difference when it comes to increasing your API adoption.

Livestream highlights

Here are a few topics the livestream covers:

Watch the full livestream


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