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APIs are everywhere, and they’re entering the realm of development in connected software with greater importance and at a faster rate than ever. This means that discovering what you are looking for in the abundance of APIs available today might be challenging. To make it easy for you, we are excited to introduce categories in the Postman API Network.

Let’s take a look at the categories we’ve just released:

  • Artificial Intelligence: It’s difficult to talk about technology these days without mentioning artificial intelligence. AI appears to be everywhere and is only expanding. Whether it is predictive analysis, chatbots, or language conversions, we use AI on a frequent basis without even realizing it. There is a plethora of high-quality AI-related APIs available—the top three currently on our list are, Mist, and Rasa. Check out who made the category here.
  • Communication: There are many ready-to-use communication APIs on our platform, enabling the exchange of information and news via messaging, meetings, push notifications, and survey forms—WhatsApp, Dolby, Survey Monkey, Lob, and Twilio are a few recognizable names. Try out the entire list by forking the collections to your own workspace and start exploring the possibilities here.
  • Data Analytics: We all know how much strategic decision-making is powered by data. And when we have an abundance of data, analyzing it properly is all the more paramount. We have curated a list of high-quality APIs enabling seamless data generation, processing, analysis, and data visualization for you. HarperDB, FIWARE, Oracle are the top APIs featured in the category. Try them out for yourself here.
  • Developer Productivity: Technology has been really powerful in improving human productivity for day-to-day tasks. But building the software for technology had been hard and time-consuming for developers. Not anymore. We bring to you a group of APIs that improves productivity during the software development process. 30 days of Postman, Laravel JSON, Atlassian, Stackby, and Docu-Mentor made it to the top of this category. Try out these must-fork APIs for developers to improve and fasten the development process here.
  • DevOps: DevOps has empowered a faster, continuous, and streamlined way of systems development lifecycle. Check out Postman’s comprehensive list of high-quality DevOps APIs to enable quick CI/CD, build automation, containerization, and config management during the code deployment process. Datadog, Mashery, Oracle, Cisco CAHI, and GitHub are among the ones currently featured in this category. Try them out for yourself here.
  • Financial Services: The innovation in the financial services industry has been quickly disrupted. The way we do banking, manage personal finance, and stock market trading has been changing. To keep you updated with the change, we’ve prepared a list of high-quality APIs. Belvo, CoinStop, Intuit, and OpenBazaar made it to the top of the list. Check out the entire range of financial services APIs in the category here.

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