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Announcing Postman Programs for Students and Educators to Promote API Literacy


Today, all connected-software experiences—a broad category that includes basically every digital activity or transaction around the world—require APIs as their building blocks. This represents an absolutely staggering scale: In 2019 alone, the Postman API Platform processed 4.7 billion API requests, and that number is only climbing in 2021 as API growth continues to skyrocket. That’s…

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Public Workspaces: Why We Created Them and What You Can Do with Them


Let’s start with a bit of background. Here at Postman, we’ve always been obsessed with successful API calls. Why, you ask? A successful API call ensures that something that you’ve built is working; it gives you access to a system that was beyond your reach, helps you see data that you couldn’t see before, or…

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Experts Talk: Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience


Developer relations experts representing well-known public APIs convened at Postman Galaxy 2021 to share their tips and insights for optimizing the educational experience for new and experienced users. The “Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience” panel participants included: Typeform Developer Advocate Nicolas GreniĂ©, (moderator) Twitter Developer Advocate Jessica Garson Dropbox Solutions Architect Marcel…

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6 Steps to Enhance Your Audio with a Dolby API and Postman Monitors


While recently planning my mother’s birthday celebration, I was listening to a recording of birthday messages I wanted to give her as a gift. I realized the audio clip had a lot of background noise, and I would need to enhance the sound quality if I wanted to present it at the party. So, while…

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What’s New in Developer Tools? Key Takeaways from Postman Galaxy 2021


Industry experts from some of your favorite developer tools came together at Postman Galaxy 2021 to debate the challenges and trends in tools for the developer community. The “What’s New in Developer Tools” panel participants included: StackShare Founder and CEO Yonas Beshawred (moderator) SmartBear Senior Director of Product Management Ali Inzana Stoplight Architect Phil Sturgeon…

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That’s a Wrap: Postman Galaxy 2021 Stars and Highlights


A lot can happen in three days. With more than 26,000 registrants from over 150 countries, the Postman Galaxy virtual API conference took place February 2-4, 2021. And it was an exhilarating ride. Participants from across the globe experienced more than 100 online sessions and 80 speakers—including mind-bending talks with Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak, NASA…

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Announcing the $100,000 Postman API Hack Winners


The results are in: The Postman API Hack, with $100,000 USD in prizes up for grabs, has drawn to a close after we received an astonishing number of innovative, inspiring projects submitted from around the world. Our goal was to encourage developers, students, and hackers to work with the Postman API Platform and our new…

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How to Monitor Your APIs Using Postman and Datadog


Monitoring your APIs is an essential part of the API management process. While Postman monitors let you keep a check on your API performance and stability, our enhanced integration with Datadog—an API performance monitoring tool—enables you to perform further analysis by logging, alerting, and dashboarding. Plus, this integration in conjunction with Postman asserting allows you…

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How (and Why) Postman Created a Data-Driven Hiring Process


An effective hiring process is one of the most crucial parts of scaling an organization. Especially when a company scales at least 10 times its size, it needs to figure out how to evolve various processes and practices while still staying true to its values. Postman has always been committed to hiring the highest-quality talent,…

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