You spoke, we listened! Postman’s response to user feedback in GitHub—February 2024


We’ve all heard this before: “If you build it, they will come.” But sometimes it’s more like, “If you come and tell…

Creating the right Postman workspace for your needs just got easier


When we first released Postman workspaces, we wanted it to be a place to bring people and resources together for easier collaboration….

Play with these gaming APIs in the Postman Public API Network


This is a 2024 update to our previous Gaming APIs list published in June 2022. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of…

Now you can easily migrate your data from other API clients to Postman


We are excited to announce our new Migrate to Postman feature, which helps you transfer your data from other API clients to…

Announcing public workspace metrics

We’re obsessed with helping developers get successful API calls. A successful API call is often the first signal that something you have…

Introducing the API-level Admin role for better version management


In our continuous pursuit of refining user experience and providing enhanced control over API development, we are thrilled to announce a significant…

Launching Live Preview for OpenAPI Specification editing


We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new feature that will enable you to write OpenAPI Specifications better: Live Preview….

Introducing file storage for tests and requests


Postman has long been your close companion for API testing and empowered you with confidence and proficiency in your APIs. Since last…

Manage workspace roles with the Postman API

Arvind Khadri

Postman workspaces facilitate seamless API collaboration, but it’s essential for every team member to have the proper roles and permissions in order…

You can now attach environments to APIs in the Private API Network


We are pleased to launch support for attaching environments to the APIs that you publish to the Private API Network. Until now,…

Updates to the Postman Secret Scanner


In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, we must prioritize data security to protect our sensitive information from potential threats. Here at Postman,…

Manage exposed secrets with the Postman Enterprise Essentials plan


Sensitive data and credentials pose significant challenges to an organization’s security. Without proper safeguards in place, organizations are at risk of compromising…

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