Postman Public API Network Is Now the World’s Largest Public API Hub


We are proud to announce that the Postman Public API Network is now the largest API hub in the world, serving 17 million users and 500,000 organizations worldwide. The global directory hosts thousands of public APIs, connecting international developers and providing a central API catalogs built for discovery, exploration, and sharing.

Community engagement on the Public API Network is growing rapidly, with the number of users joining the network, publishing and consuming workspaces and APIs, and forking collections into their own workspaces increasing at exponential levels. This momentum has been driven by public workspaces, generally available only five months ago, which make it possible for both API producers and consumers to communicate and collaborate in real time without team or organizational boundaries.

“Unlike other networks that rely only on API publishers for one-way consumption, we’ve built the Public API Network to be a two-way street from the ground up. It is a true network allowing unbounded collaboration,” said Abhinav Asthana, co-founder and CEO of Postman. “We’re only able to achieve this because of our active, vibrant developer community. We founded Postman to answer developer needs first, and the Public API Network is yet another example of this approach.”

With the wide-scale launch of public workspaces in February 2021, Postman elevated collaboration on APIs beyond the realm of organizations for the first time, finally allowing people to communicate and work together to build software in a way that was never possible before. Since then, users have created more than 700,000 requests calling on more than 75,000 APIs on the Public API Network and organized more than 35,000 collections of API requests in over 20,000 workspaces.

“The Postman Public API Network has been incredibly helpful in educating Stripe team members about our APIs and improving the testing experience for the developer community,” said Chris Traganos, developer advocacy at Stripe. “As a company focused on technical excellence, supporting developers is a cornerstone of our product development and so is expanding access to developer tools. By hosting our public API collections and workspaces on the Postman Public API Network, we are able to better scale developer access to Stripe across the globe as they test and automate payment integrations.”

The Postman Public API Network is free, and users can easily browse a vast range of public workspaces from popular API publishers such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Twilio, Twitter, Cisco DevNet, and more.

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