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Since day one, Postman has been about developer productivity. It started by saving developers from repeatedly typing the same commands and grew into an API platform used by millions. Early on, we recognized that APIs are inherently collaborative because they’re two-sided. A client calls the API, a server returns the response, and the relationship is valuable because the API serves a purpose for the client.

But that collaboration isn’t limited to a single client and server. Teams build APIs, stakeholders review APIs, and when it comes to public APIs, there are millions of clients. At that scale, communities form around APIs. Members of these communities work together to resolve issues, give feedback, and share content to show what’s possible with a given API. An API is only as strong as the community around it.

That’s why today, we’re thrilled to announce that Postman has acquired Orbit—the leading tool developer companies use to grow their communities.

For the last four years, Orbit has helped top developer companies manage and grow their communities across platforms like Discord, Slack, and GitHub. Its software empowers builders to connect with developers, measure the quality of their experience, and identify opportunities to improve developer experience.

For the last 10 years, Postman has built the leading API platform enabling developers to collaborate with every other developer on Earth. Developer teams can build APIs together. Stakeholder teams, like application security, can stay updated with API changes across their company. Product managers can build API products to share with partners and companies. And finally, individuals and companies can distribute their APIs to the rest of the world on the Postman Public API Network.

At Postman, the Orbit team will now build community features into the Postman Public API Network so that publishers and consumers can actively collaborate. Led by Noah Schwartz, who recently joined us from AWS to lead the Public API Network, the Orbit team will enable API distributors to grow their communities, increase usage of their APIs, and get feedback directly from users on the network. Developers will be able to better discover APIs that address their use cases and engage with their peers to make the most of each API. The current Orbit product will sunset over the next 90 days.

The future is API-first. Creating a place where users of public APIs can work together to improve API development is critical to getting there. We’re beyond excited about what this means for our customers on the network!

Team Orbit, welcome to Postman!

Abhinav and Noah

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