Introducing Cisco DevNet APIs to the Postman API Network – Security, Networking, Device, and Video-conferencing APIs

We have a new suite of Postman Collections to share with our community, published by network and security provider Cisco as part of the Cisco DevNet platform. Anytime we get a new API published to…

Author: Kin Lane

I am the chief evangelist for Postman, helping our community see the larger API landscape, and understand how Postman can help you be more successful across multiples stops of a modern API lifecycle.

API Network Exploration: Infermedica

Our May API Network exploration is sick! Today I’ll be walking through Infermedica: “The most advanced Symptom Checker and Medical Diagnosis API.” Their Postman collection can be downloaded from their site after authorization credentials are obtained via…

Author: Paul

Peaked in 2013 after making a panini with slices of pizza instead of bread.