How Postman uses Postman: feature exploration, AI research, and custom Flows


We love hearing from our community about how you’re using Postman to improve your API development experience—it truly continues to inspire us….

Postman Flows updates, plus a peek into the AI-powered future


A few months ago, we launched Postman Flows, a new product for using APIs as building blocks to compose applications and workflows….

5 ways to enhance the developer experience with Postman Flows


Humans are hardwired to interpret meaning from images. To such an extent, that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than…

Advanced FQL expressions in Postman Flows


With the recent launch of Postman Flows, more and more people around the world are starting to create and experiment, familiarizing themselves…

Using AI tools like ChatGPT to control IoT lights


On a recent livestream, I had the pleasure of hosting Postman’s Jan Schenk and Saswat Das to talk about how we used…

Adventures with Postman Flows


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the need for quick and efficient API solutions is more critical than ever. Postman Flows is a…

Postman Flows: the next generation of software development

In a world of plentiful and well-built APIs, we will have: APIs as building blocks that will be available to everyone and…

Postman Flows is now more powerful and user-friendly


The vision behind Postman Flows is to provide you with the building blocks for creating your personalized software without the need to…

Announcing the “Go with the Flows” hackathon winners


Postman Flows is one of the latest additions to the Postman API Platform, and it has been making waves. Flows is a…

Announcing Postman Flows early access


Over the last year, Postman has been working on an exciting low-code way of building API applications. You can use Postman Flows…

First 5 Things to Try If You’re New to Postman


Here at Postman, we’ve got a mission to democratize APIs and allow everyone to use and build APIs with the Postman API…

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