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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the need for quick and efficient API solutions is more critical than ever. Postman Flows is a visual, low-code tool designed to streamline API workflows, making it easier for users of all technical abilities to create, manage, and collaborate on API projects. Inspired by the concept of “blocks” to form and visualize an application, users simply drag blocks, build an application, and run their workflow.

Amazon Chime SDK lets developers embed real-time communication capabilities into their applications, but streamlining communication APIs can be a complex process. With Postman’s new Flows feature, developers building on AWS can rapidly test, analyze and build with Amazon Chime SDK flows, and spend less time overall on communications workloads. This increased speed to innovation can power better customer experiences as well as more connected, robust and reliable communications

Court Schuett, Head of Developer Advocacy, Amazon Chime SDK

Let’s explore how Postman Flows can cater to three distinct user personas: business professionals, product managers, and DevOps professionals.

Empowering business professionals with Postman Flows

Business professionals excel at utilizing tools like Microsoft Office Suite and various collaboration platforms, but they may lack coding experience. Postman Flows offers a low-code solution that enables users to:

  • Visually create API workflows: Business professionals can use the drag-and-drop interface to quickly build and modify API workflows without coding expertise.
  • Leverage pre-built collections: Postman Flows has a wide range of pre-built collections in our workspaces that can be used for various tasks like data creation and data transformation. This simplifies the learning curve for users without a technical background.
Postman Flows is the sweet spot for us, as it gives our non-technical team members a low-code tool to build, document, test, and implement an API workflow. We can accomplish tasks faster with fewer errors, and we look forward to maximizing these benefits across the organization.

Thomas Schlegel, distinguished engineer at Built Technologies

We also have a Business Flows workspace filled with examples of Flows that connect everyday systems to automate difficult manual processes. These examples, which were created and shared by business professionals and other members of the community, include:

Postman Flow used to export employee information from ChartHop to AirTable
Postman Flow used to export employee information from ChartHop to AirTable

Streamlining product management with Postman Flows

Product managers often work closely with software engineers, so they need a tool to communicate their ideas and requirements effectively.

Postman Flows offers several benefits for product managers, including:

  • Clear communication: By visually mapping out API workflows, product managers can convey their expectations to developers, reducing misunderstandings and speeding up project timelines.
  • Rapid prototyping: Postman Flows allows product managers to quickly test and iterate on their ideas, ensuring that the end product aligns with customer needs and expectations.
  • Building apps: Product managers can use Postman’s entire feature set, including mocks and examples, to create complete applications. They can then hand the Flow to the engineering team to implement, the stakeholders to give their final approval, and the QA team to test.
Postman Flows makes prototyping and testing easy. Building connections visually is more intuitive and clear, which results in spending more time building and less time digging through code. I’m excited to see the future of Flows and Notion!

Sid Verma, Partner Engineer at Notion

Enhancing DevOps efficiency with Postman Flows

DevOps professionals frequently perform repetitive tasks, such as granting or removing access to tools like Slack, email, and other office applications. With Postman Flows, these users can:

  • Automate repetitive tasks: By connecting various API endpoints, DevOps professionals can create automated workflows that streamline onboarding and offboarding processes, saving time and reducing the potential for human error.
  • Customize and extend workflows: Postman Flows allows DevOps users to easily customize workflows to meet their organization’s unique requirements. They can also extend existing workflows by adding new blocks and modifying existing ones.
  • Automate complex, post-deploy tasks: Postman Flows enables DevOps managers to automate post-deploy tasks that require conditional logic or multiple, chained API calls—including different types of authentication.

Here are a few other examples from our DevOps Flows workspace that DevOps professionals have created:


Postman Flow used to provision software for users in Okta
Postman Flow used to provision software for users in Okta

A solution for everyone

Postman Flows is a powerful, low-code solution that empowers business professionals, product managers, and DevOps professionals to easily create, manage, and collaborate on API workflows. Postman Flows enables teams to work more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and ultimately deliver better customer products and services by catering to these distinct user personas.

For more information, check out our documentation or explore the following workspaces:

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