Postman v10 wrap-up—with more to come at POST/CON 24!


Postman is getting ready to announce major product releases at the POST/CON 24 user conference, which hits San Francisco on April 30-May…

How Postman enables P&C insurance carriers to improve their API workflows


Integrations are at the heart of every property and casualty (P&C) core system implementation. Insurance carriers need to integrate within their own…

Instant API documentation with Postbot


It’s been an exciting few weeks in the world of generative AI, with product and API announcements giving developers many new ways…

Exploring the world of music with the Spotify API and Postbot

I work as a product designer at Postman, and I’ve always had a deep-seated passion for harnessing technology to enhance the user…

Exciting Postbot updates: smart suggestions and more


Postbot has been our exciting foray into generative AI, helping users with API workflows across Postman. We started by making common tasks…

Meet Postbot’s new avatar


Artificially intelligent companions have long been the subject of science fiction. Whether it’s TARS from Interstellar or Jarvis from Iron Man, we’ve…

Postman Flows updates, plus a peek into the AI-powered future


A few months ago, we launched Postman Flows, a new product for using APIs as building blocks to compose applications and workflows….

Postbot is now in open beta—try it today


Since we launched Postbot (Postman’s AI assistant) in early access, over 5,000 users have joined the program to start trying it out….

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