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Meet Postbot’s new avatar


Artificially intelligent companions have long been the subject of science fiction. Whether it’s TARS from Interstellar or Jarvis from Iron Man, we’ve always been dreaming of having capable AI at our fingertips. Over the last few months, Postbot—Postman’s new AI assistant—has helped over 50,000 users be more productive across their API workflows. Many of you have spoken to us about how you have already used Postbot, and how else you think it could help. One common theme we heard from our early users was that Postbot needed to be omnipresent—offering contextual assistance throughout Postman.

Postbot’s type of impact varies: it might complete a workflow in some cases and offer assistance in others. User workflows currently range from broader use cases (like organizing APIs in a team workspace) to narrow ones (like testing a specific property of an API endpoint).

The latest refresh of Postbot now offers a consistent, conversational interface that’s available to you across your workspace. According to the 2023 State of the API Report, testing, fixing code, and documentation were users’ top priorities when working with APIs. Postbot excels at test writing and code fixes, and documentation support is just around the corner! Watch out for Postbot coming to your workspace over the next few days!

Talk to Postbot throughout your workspace

You can now find Postbot in the bottom status bar in Postman at all times—with a familiar interface across all workflows:

Whenever you open Postbot, it will understand the context of where you’re working and provide contextual suggestions. Here is a sample conversation you can have with Postbot:

For some of you, Postman Visualizer was a useful feature, but getting started involved a bit of work. Postbot can help you there as well.

Writing code to configure the Visualizer was tricky. However, the autoprompts in Postbot work like a treat!

Beth Marshall, Senior Quality Engineer and API Testing Trainer

Get help when you need it

If you need help getting something done, Postbot can also get you answers from our Learning Center documentation. You can skip having to search different web pages that describe the features you need—just enter what you want to get done, and Postbot will explain exactly what you need to do:

What’s next

Postbot is continuously learning, so it’ll be able to do more and solve more complex use cases with time. We’re working to improve its current capabilities and add support for other common API workflows spanning API design and documentation.

Generative AI is as exciting a space as ever—we’re seeing new tools emerge on a regular basis, and each one increases the kind of problems you can tackle. Let us know in a comment below (or email us at what you’d like Postbot to help you with, because we’re eager to understand how to best leverage GenAI to make you more productive and build better APIs, faster!

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