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Since we launched Postbot (Postman’s AI assistant) in early access, over 5,000 users have joined the program to start trying it out. Leveraging the power of generative AI, we’ve made API testing faster, easier, and accessible to many more people worldwide—and to many more industry roles. Developers, security engineers, QA teams, and technical writers have already found exciting ways to use Postbot.

Like many QAs, I know little about coding, so Postbot is an excellent tool that allows me to write important tests that otherwise I wouldn't be able to do without the help of a developer or a lot of time doing research on the internet. It has also been great for learning and improving my programming skills.

Fabián Feld, QA Engineer at Intive

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Postbot is now in open beta and being rolled out to everyone, bringing generative AI right into your Postman workspace! We learned a lot engaging with our early-access users, understanding needs and usage patterns. We’ve taken that feedback to inform how we’ve incorporated new capabilities available in Postbot starting today. This update brings us another step closer to using generative AI across the breadth of Postman’s API-lifecycle workflows.

Here are some of the big improvements to Postbot that we’re excited about.

Generate tests for collections

Building on its capability to help you write scripts for requests, Postbot now gives you a way to generate tests for your entire collection in a few simple steps. If you have a collection with requests you want to test, click Generate tests as shown below, and you’ll have test suggestions for every request. Just a quick review later, your entire collection has tests to validate API behavior. This is especially useful if you’re building your collection from an OpenAPI Spec file or are using Postman’s proxy/interceptor to capture traffic:

Quickly fix any broken tests

Postbot will help you quickly fix syntax or structural errors in any failing test. If you see an assertion failing, try invoking Postbot to update the test script. This means that you can write simple scripts to start off and use Postbot to tweak your code if a new endpoint response needs it. Postman’s changelog is readily available to revert any changes:

Intuitive prompts and improved performance

Postbot now understands natural language prompts better. Try asking Postbot to generate custom visualizations or fix specific tests, and you’ll notice much better outcomes. We’ve also worked on performance—the latest version of Postbot is over twice as fast as before, letting you seamlessly incorporate it into your API development process.

Building from here

We’ll be rolling out these improvements and more to all users starting today. I believe Postbot will fundamentally change how we work with APIs. With generative AI, there are countless new workflows waiting to be built—and we’re already innovating to extend Postbot to other parts of the API lifecycle, from writing documentation to helping mitigate quality issues.

During this open beta phase, Postbot remains free to use. We welcome your feedback about how you’re using Postbot, any specific workflows you’re having issues with, or any ideas on what you’d like to see Postbot do. Give it a try and let us know what you think in a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Postbot is now in open beta—try it today


    This is a great boon to both Dev & QA. Looking forward to it.


    Already tested it, and its awesome, will come in hand.