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Postbot has been our exciting foray into generative AI, helping users with API workflows across Postman. We started by making common tasks faster and reducing the need to write “boilerplate code” for things like tests or visualizations. In the past few months, we’ve seen more value through features that have Postbot enabled. For example, more than twice as many users than before visualize their API responses, almost entirely driven by how easy Postbot makes it.

Today, we’re happy to share another huge Postbot update—smart suggestions right in your test editor! When you start typing your tests as you normally would, you will immediately see suggestions of common behaviors that you can test for.

Get suggestions for common tests

That’s not all. You can now get autocomplete suggestions for test code, too. Postbot examines the response to your request and any saved examples to generate relevant test code. This can get basic testing added in seconds, all while letting you control precisely what to test for. Even for developers who are used to writing tests, this is bound to save time writing code and looking up reference documentation for that one Chai.js function that you need.

Get code suggestions for all tests you want to write
Get code suggestions for all tests you want to write

We’ve made other improvements under the hood, too. Postbot is now able to generate tests and visualizations for larger responses. This was one of the major issues we’d seen for users getting started, and we’ve reduced this by over 70%—and we’ve still got more improvements to come.

We’re introducing full Postbot usage as an add-on to your plan at just $9/user/month. Users on Basic and Professional plans can enable this once they’ve tried Postbot. Limited free usage will continue to be available for all Postman users on Free, Basic, and Professional plans as it is now, and all users will automatically get access to new Postbot features as they’re introduced. Postbot is not currently enabled for the Enterprise plan.

We’re looking forward to your feedback on Postbot, especially the new smart suggestion and autocomplete capabilities. Let us know what you think in a comment below!

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