Syncing Your OpenAPI, RAML, and GraphQL Schema to GitHub with Postman

Postman is already a critical tool throughout your API development lifecycle, but with the latest release of GitHub Sync, you can now also seamlessly connect your OpenAPI, Swagger, and RAML definitions as part of your…

Author: Kin Lane

I am the chief evangelist for Postman, helping our community see the larger API landscape, and understand how Postman can help you be more successful across multiples stops of a modern API lifecycle.

2019 in Review: A Great Year for Postman Product Improvements

It’s the new year, and all of us here at Postman are looking forward to another year of making the Postman product better and better for our entire, ever-growing Postman community in 2020. We’re also…

Author: Abhinav

CEO @ Postman