Announcing the Postman Microsoft Azure integration partnership


The Postman API Platform’s mission is to support developers across each stage of the API lifecycle. As part of our continued focus…

Announcing the Postman Ecosystem Partner Program


Postman users made approximately a billion API requests last year. As the proliferation of APIs continues, we published the first version of…

Announcing the First-Ever Postman Student Summit


As Postman Student Programs continue to empower students and educators to promote API literacy, we are proud to announce the inaugural Postman…

How Postman Is Building Education-First Student Programs that Empower


During my first week at Postman as director of special initiatives in August of 2020, Postman Co-founder and CEO Abhinav Asthana and…

Announcing Postman Programs for Students and Educators to Promote API Literacy


Today, all connected-software experiences—a broad category that includes basically every digital activity or transaction around the world—require APIs as their building blocks….

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