How to Organize Your API With Collections, Environments, and Workspaces

Postman provides a very flexible set of tools for helping API providers define their APIs more effectively. Postman makes APIs more discoverable, usable, and easy to iterate on across teams and helps teams strategize on…

Author: Kin Lane

I am the chief evangelist for Postman, helping our community see the larger API landscape, and understand how Postman can help you be more successful across multiples stops of a modern API lifecycle.

Cisco DevNet uses Postman to grow their developer community

Cisco designs and sells a broad range of technologies that have been powering the Internet since 1984.  Across networking, security, collaboration, and the cloud, Cisco provides customers with a highly secure, intelligent platform for their…

Author: Joyce

Developer Advocate. Makes dank memes.

How Postman feeds my sushi addiction ?

The Sushi Selector ? is a Postman collection that recommends a nearby sushi spot. When run locally with the Postman collection runner, the collection searches for sushi restaurants and posts the recommendation as a direct message…

Author: Joyce

Developer Advocate. Makes dank memes.

Create collections, documentation, and more with Postman’s NEW button

Convenience in a button! That’s what Postman’s New button gives you. Now API development and testing in Postman is easier and faster. In one click, you can seamlessly create Postman’s most powerful and useful features—requests,…

Author: belinda

A technical communicator.