Ensure API consistency with request and response validation in Postman


When it comes to designing and developing APIs, Postman has become the go-to tool for developers around the world. Postman simplifies the initial API design process by seamlessly integrating OpenAPI specifications. However, we understand that it can be challenging to keep an API’s implementation aligned with its initial design. This alignment becomes particularly critical when contracts have been finalized and shared with API consumers, whether internal or external.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the newly-released schema-to-collection validation feature in Postman, which empowers API producers to maintain consistency between their API’s implementation and the API contract they established during the design phase.

Validate requests and examples against the schema

With our new feature, Postman now flags any inconsistencies between the requests in your API-linked collections and the API definition. If there are any discrepancies, you’ll receive a clear warning message that highlights the exact issue. Clicking on the warning message will direct you to the issue’s precise location, so you can quickly address and resolve it.

We’ve taken it a step further by flagging issues in examples saved within requests, ensuring comprehensive validation throughout the entire API development process.

validating the request
View issues found in the request.

Validate responses against the schema

There’s more to Postman’s schema-to-collection validation feature than request validation. Postman goes above and beyond by offering response validation, as well. This powerful feature enables you to validate the responses received from your servers. By comparing the implementation against the established contract, you can easily identify any deviations and make the necessary adjustments to ensure alignment.

validating the response
View issues found in the response.

Maintaining consistency between the API’s design and implementation is now easier than ever with Postman. By leveraging our request and response validation capabilities, you can guarantee that your APIs consistently adhere to your established contracts.

To get started, update to the latest version of Postman and unlock a new level of development precision and control.

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1 thought on “Ensure API consistency with request and response validation in Postman


    Hello, before the latest release, the Validation tool was able to check the request Body against the OpenAPI spec, highlighting issues at field level. With the latest version I’ve noticed that it is simply limited to say “The request body didn’t match the specified schema” and it doesn’t give the detail of what field is giving the issue.

    Is it something you are considering to add back?

    Many thanks