Come together: how Postman workspaces and collections support developer collaboration

Kamalpreet Badasha

True strength lies in teamwork. When many minds are working on a project, it’s easier to make quick progress. The Postman API Platform can help teams work together easily, but what, exactly, does that look like? Read on to learn how our customers use Postman Collections and workspaces to collaborate.

Sharing information in workspaces

Before adopting Postman, the teams at Axis Bank—India’s third-largest private-sector bank—struggled to share information. Postman workspaces enable the sharing of work with internal and external teams, which helps establish a single source of truth. Postman workspaces have reduced the time it takes to communicate and collaborate at Axis Bank from days to hours.

Additionally, collections allow Axis Bank teams to link related API elements for easy editing, sharing, testing, and reuse. With collections, working with partners on integrations has become a seamless process. The product, frontend, and backend teams are all benefitting from streamlined communication.

Now, everyone involved works in parallel on development using publicly published APIs. Through this and other changes facilitated by Postman, Axis Bank has been able to reduce the development time from months to weeks for some products.

Convenient debugging with collections

Business software provider Visma uses collections for debugging. The convenience of collections allows any team member to solve issues and then share the new code with everyone in real time. Before Postman, bug fixing could take up to an hour, but it can now be completed in less than 10 minutes. Postman’s collaboration capabilities for code errors save about 50 minutes per week.

Seamless communication

For the digital services platform Hathway, Postman has facilitated seamless communication between the QA and software engineering teams. Collections have given teams from different areas a common view and understanding, which results in more efficient conversations.

Better communication between parties has also been a key benefit for the transportation and logistics company Werner Enterprises. The company saves anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes every time developers collaborate, as collections no longer need to be imported and exported.

Using workspaces also saves senior developers hours every week, as there are fewer errors in code. Overall, code quality at Werner Enterprises has improved significantly, along with the reliability of API calls.

These are just a few examples of how Postman improves API collaboration. Discover more in our case studies.

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