Postman Interceptor: The Next Generation View Source for The API Economy


Web professionals need a robust and dynamic toolkit for all kinds of development and engineering workflows. But for developers to successfully create…

Introducing Interceptor Integration for Native Postman Apps


If you were using Postman back in the early days when Postman was a Chrome app, then you might remember the Postman…

Goodbye Postman Chrome app


If you’re still using the Postman Chrome app, you may have noticed a new banner at the top: Chrome apps are being…

Going native


If you’ve already downloaded and use the Postman native app, you can stop reading right now. . . but only if you’re…

Postman Linux App Now Available


The Linux app for Postman is available! We know many of our users have been hoping for this, and today we were…

Using the Postman Chrome App? Implications from the Recent Google Announcement


Update: Native Mac, Windows, and Linux apps are now all available, with full Postman functionality Last week, Google announced plans to end…

UI Repaint Issue on Chrome

A while back, a section of our users started reporting a UI rendering issue while using Postman. The interesting thing about the…

Fix for Postman + Chrome v34 issue


Some users recently reported that they were unable to start Postman (both packaged and legacy apps) after the new Chrome v34 update….

Enabling Chrome Developer Tools inside Postman


Chrome’s Developer Tools are an indispensable part of the modern web development workflow. However, accessing them inside the Postman packaged app takes…

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