If you’re still using the Postman Chrome app, you may have noticed a new banner at the top:

Chrome apps are being deprecated. Download our free native apps for continued support and better performance.

It’s true. After Google announced their plans to end support for Chrome apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux users, Postman introduced native apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux users and encouraged users to begin the migration.

Postman engineers have worked hard to build feature parity in the native apps in anticipation of this deprecation. So now the Postman native apps cover all the features and functionality of the Chrome app and Chrome extension together, and in many cases the native apps are even better than the original Chrome app.

If you’re using the Postman Interceptor Chrome extension, you will soon be able to use it with the native apps. In the meantime, the native apps already have a proxy to capture HTTP requests and a cookie editor to manage cookies.

Going forward, new features and enhancements will be introduced exclusively in the native apps, and support for the Postman Chrome app will be deprecated. We know much of the Postman community currently still uses our Chrome app, and will be affected by this change. Luckily, the solution is simple.

Initiate migration sequence

Don’t wait for your experience in the Chrome app to get compromised. It’s time to move over now.

The process is simple, and will take less than 60 seconds. Sign in to your Postman account after you download and start the new native app, and all your history and collections will be automatically synced. For people who are not signed in to their Postman account or who do not have sync enabled, you can bulk export your Postman data from the Chrome app, and then bulk import into the new native app.

Goodbye Postman Chrome app

Goodbye, Postman Chrome app, and thank you for your service.

While Postman started out as a Postman Chrome app used along with the Postman Interceptor Chrome extension, the API ecosystem has evolved. The Postman native apps have the same capabilities, and in fact, now surpass the Chrome app in performance. It’s easier than ever to make the switch, and it’ll take a just a hot minute.