Postman Linux App Now Available

The Linux app for Postman is available! We know many of our users have been hoping for this, and today we were able to deliver on our promise to “not forget the Linux developer.” The Linux app is built on the same technology as the native Mac & Windows apps (Electron), and helps Postman get closer to our goal of making APIs easier for every developer. You can get the new app by heading here.

This app is particularly important for Linux folks who currently use the Postman Chrome app. In late August, Chromium announced plans to end support for Chrome Apps over the next two years. All Linux, Mac and Windows users can now use a native Postman app, and there will be plenty of time to help users migrate. Chromium has indicated they will be fully deprecating apps in the second half of 2017.The Postman native apps provide the same features as the Chrome app, providing a complete platform for building, testing, documenting and sharing APIs, and making your workflow faster and easier. In addition, the native apps provide developers with seamless request capturing and cookie handling functionality. Users of the Postman Chrome app needed to download the Postman Interceptor Chrome Extension to manage cookies and capture requests in the desktop browser; our native apps provide this functionality within the app itself.

All the Postman native apps are free, of course, like the Chrome app. The new Linux app is available in 64-bit (x64); the native Mac app is available for OS X Yosemite or later; the Windows app is available both in 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64), for Windows 7 & later. You can read more about how to install the correct version here.

Transitioning to a native Postman app is quite simple for Chrome app users – all you need do is sign into your Postman account after you download and start the new native app, and all your history and collections will be automatically synced.

We’re encouraging Postman Chrome users to transition to the Linux, Mac or Windows app as soon as convenient, by heading to our website and downloading the correct app. Or of course, send us an email at, and we’ll help you directly.



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15 thoughts on “Postman Linux App Now Available

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks for keeping up to date with Linux users, one more good reason to pay a license and Support you guys.

  • Awesome news!!!

  • Really happy to see this, half our team have transitioned to Ubuntu recently so this is ideal timing.
    Don’t suppose you could provide installation instructions? I was expecting this to be a .deb package rather than a .tar.gz, that might be confusing for new users.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been (unsuccessfully) trying to get the Windows version running under Wine. I didn’t want to be caught flat footed when the Chrome app eventually stopped working. Now, I can have my beloved Postman on my Linux environment!

  • Can you provide a .deb package for postman?

  • I downloaded the tar.gz file in Ubuntu, but after unzip, the typical ./configure; make; make install didn’t work. need some help

    • You’re overcomplicating it.
      Unzip to a folder of your choice and double click “Postman”

      • Thanks, glad someone could explain it simply.

      • Thank You So Much…!

        It worked Great…!

  • Hmm…
    Installing it on a Virtualbox Ubuntu 14.04 just opens to a black screen.

    Looking at the console log I see a bunch of this:
    [5798:0105/] [.RenderWorker-0x24c0c7237a00]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_VALUE : ScopedTextureBinder::dtor: <- error from previous GL command

  • Nevermind, found it. 3d acceleration was enabled. Without it works fine.

  • Quiero felicitarlos por anticiparse con buen tiempo de ventaja a la decisión de Google y agradecerles por brindarnos acceso a esta excelente herramienta.

  • just extract file, and run with ./Postman

  • Why not provide a deb version? It is easier to deploy using automated tools