Updates to the Private API Network: new workflows for approval, discovery, and search


Postman’s Private API Network provides a centralized repository for publishing and distributing all of the APIs within your organization. It also supports discovery and evaluation by enabling users to quickly search for and look up the APIs they’re interested in.

Our newest updates to the Private API Network are geared towards helping you create a catalog of higher-quality APIs. It’s now possible to do a detailed review of an API that’s being added to the Private API Network—and see whether the API has any governance violations. We’ve also made it easier than ever to find the internal APIs that are most relevant to you.

Let’s dive in.

Review and approve new APIs before publication

Network and folder admins can now view a documentation preview of the element that’s being added to the Private API Network within the approval workflow—without having to navigate to the workspace. This streamlines the approval process and makes it easier to catch any issues before the new API elements are published.

View a preview of the new element as part of the approval workflow.

Quickly discover the top APIs in your catalog

You can now quickly discover your team’s most frequently used APIs from the Private API Network’s landing page—and learn about any APIs that were recently added to your internal catalog. This experience provides an ideal entry point for new developers on your team, as it makes it easier for them to understand and start leveraging your organization’s APIs.

View your team’s most popular APIs on the Private API Network’s landing page.

Effectively search through folders, requests, and more

The search experience within the Private API Network is now integrated with Postman’s universal search, providing a more seamless experience. You can start your search on the universal search bar, view the results within the Private API Network, and be redirected to the element on the network.

The integrated search experience in the Private API Network.

When you’re trying to find an API in the Private API Network, you might remember a team name or even the product area corresponding to the folder name, or you might be interested in searching for a specific endpoint. You can now search for part of the request URL or the folder name to find the elements you are looking for.

Search for requests and folders in the Private API Network.

With these updates, we are excited to provide users with new tools and workflows to quickly verify the quality of the APIs that are being added to the Private API Network—while also making it easier to discover and search for these APIs.

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