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Postman’s Public API Network is now the largest API hub in the world. Both large enterprises and individuals are publishing a wide variety of APIs with helpful documentation, enabling more than 17 million developers to be even more innovative. And since our global community is adding more and more public collections every day, we’re creating new ways for you to leverage them.

With our latest release, we’ve introduced a new collection-recommendations feature to help you discover and work with public APIs quickly and more easily, right where you need them. Now, when you are working on a request, you’ll see a list recommending public collections related to your request in the right context bar.

This list also provides information about each collection—including the publisher, number of views, number of forks, and fork labels—all so you can better understand which one is more applicable to your needs. We curate this list with a relevance score that we calculate based on various signals, like the number of forks, views, request attributes like name, description, URL, and more.

collection recommendations in requests
List of recommended related collections in the right context bar

For example, imagine you’re working on a Twitter integration for an app. You’ll want to find out Twitter’s API documentation and create requests for the APIs that you need to integrate. Depending on the scale of the integration, you might have to create multiple requests and test them. This is not a unique problem, and many people have worked with the Twitter API already. But how can you do it better?

Postman’s Public API Network has the official Twitter public collection with complete documentation to try out different APIs. In addition, there are community-driven public collections catering to specific use cases; these can be as simple as guides for getting started to sample integrations catering to different use cases (like using Twitter OAuth, reading tweets, getting analytics on tweets, etc.). Whether for the Twitter API or countless others, the Public API Network’s incredible variety of helpful collections is what makes it so empowering.

So, don’t forget to click on a public collection from the list to see documentation, different API requests, and more. Then, click on the Fork button next to the recommended related collection and start working on it right from there.

This new collection-recommendations feature is another step we’re taking to intelligently leverage the power of community to help you avoid duplicating efforts—and we’ll be adding more capabilities for even greater discovery and efficiency.

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What do you think about this feature? Tell us in a comment below. You can also give product feedback through our Community forum and GitHub repository.


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