You spoke, we listened! Postman’s response to user feedback in GitHub—February 2024


We’ve all heard this before: “If you build it, they will come.” But sometimes it’s more like, “If you come and tell us, we will build it.”

Along with launching the big features you probably hear about, Postman engineering and support teams are constantly listening to feedback (positive and negative!) from our global community of more than 30 million developers. Understanding the API community’s concerns and requests at every level helps us do a better, faster job of making the Postman API Platform more helpful to you.

So, here are just some of the GitHub issues we’ve recently closed in response to your direct feedback. Take a look to see what conversations we’re having behind the scenes and how they’re leading to app performance improvements. We’ll be sharing more of our GitHub happenings in this monthly blog post series, so check back regularly.

And don’t forget to keep telling us what you’re experiencing—or would like to experience—in Postman.

  1. Postman GitHub Issue #10302: Fork names in monitor environments drop-down 
  • User feedback: When a user had multiple forked environments with the same name and different fork labels, it was impossible to distinguish them in the environment drop-down in Postman Monitors because Postman wasn’t displaying fork names.
  • Result: We updated Postman to show the fork labels of environments in the environment drop-down. This helps users to differentiate the environments with the same names.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #9491: Ability to update/edit fork labels 
  • User feedback: Users could set the fork label only when they were forking, and they weren’t able to edit those fork labels later. This hindered discovery and organization.
  • Result: We updated Postman so that you can now edit fork labels simply by clicking the name.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #11315: Ability to clear mock server call logs 
  • User feedback: Users could not clear mock server call logs, which meant that logs were filled with testing calls. If they wanted to actually share the mock with an end user after they finished testing, they would have to delete the testing mock and create a brand-new one so that call logs would only include the end user’s requests.
  • Result: We updated Postman to give producers the ability to clear mock call logs at any point, which means they can share the same mock they used for testing.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #11292: Import pop-up needed
  • User feedback: Users could not open the import modal from the home page of the Postman app via either the app menu or by pressing Cmd + O.
  • Result: We’ve updated Postman so that you can now import directly from the home page of the app by directly choosing the workspace where import will happen.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #417: Resolving allOf schema
  • User feedback: Users weren’t able to generate a collection from their OpenAPI definition containing complex schemas, such as those that used keywords like allOf or had conflicting types.
  • Result: We’ve updated Postman so that you can now generate a collection from your OpenAPI definitions containing complex schemas without any issues.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #12349: Importing cURL containing GraphQL bodies 
  • User feedback: Users were not able to correctly import cURL containing GraphQL bodies. These imported requests would generate an error when sent from the Postman app.
  • Result: We’ve updated Postman so that you can now consume imported requests from cURL with a GraphQL body.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #12486: Visibility of heading levels in dark mode 
  • User feedback: Heading levels when authoring documentation or workspace descriptions were not accessible in dark mode.
  • Result: We’ve updated Postman by improving the formatting of our typography so that content is much more legible in dark mode.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #12487: Markdown editor enablement
  • User feedback: Users couldn’t switch between the Postman editor and the markdown editor when editing collection descriptions.
  • Result: We’ve resolved a bug so that you can now switch between both editors again by using the drop-down in the toolbar.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #12485: Support for 5-button mouse 
  • User feedback: The desktop app allows you to navigate back and forward across different views within the app, much like this works in your browser. A user can move back/forward by clicking the corresponding buttons in the header, or by using keyboard shortcuts. A user requested to add the functionality to also move back/forward by using the additional mouse buttons on their mouse.
  • Result: We’ve updated Postman to now have support for mouse buttons 4 and 5 so that you can navigate back and forward in the desktop app.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #12414 and #12561: JSON response formatting 
  • User feedback: On the desktop version of Postman, the JSON response appeared as a single line instead of being formatted properly.
  • Result: We resolved a bug that prevented responses from being prettified on first load.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #1247 and #12521: Enabling shortcuts 
  • User feedback: Users were unable to execute the “Jump to URL” Ctrl/Cmd + L and “Rename” Ctrl/Cmd + E shortcuts.
  • Result: We resolved the bugs that prevented these shortcuts so that users can now use them properly.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #3939, #10184, #9921, and #10842: Tab navigation updates  
  • User feedback: Users were reporting various UX challenges when navigating around different open tabs.
  • Result: We’ve updated Postman so that you can find and access open and recently closed tabs using a search bar in the tab strip. The “(Force) Close All Tabs” action is now located in the tab’s right-click menu.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #9806: Ability to revert workspace type
  • User feedback: Users were unable to downgrade team workspaces to personal workspaces.
  • Result: We’ve updated Postman so that you can now downgrade workspaces from team to personal.

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