We released Postman 2.0 just a couple of months ago. Since then, we have had thousands of users sign up for our Sync service for individual users, backed up more than 60,000 collections with more than 6 million requests in just a few weeks!

Even before we launched 2.0, the team has been hard at work in reimagining what our users can do with Postman. One thing that was clear to us is that Postman has grown way beyond from just being a REST client. While that’s something that will always be core to what Postman helps developers do, the problems our users are solving with Postman are much bigger. We talked to hundreds of teams over the past few months.

They are documenting APIs, integrating collections with build systems, distributing APIs and even monitoring APIs with a combination of Postman, Interceptor, and Newman.

While re-designing Postman, our core goal has been to make developers fasters at every step of the API development workflow. We took the first step with 2.0 when we launched Postman Sync – more on this in a bit, and from today onwards we have started rolling out Postman 3.0.

With Postman 3.0, you get:

Amazing new experience: The most visible change that you would see is the shiny new interface! We have re-designed the app from scratch. And it’s not just the UI. You will notice improvements in almost every workflow.

Faster Sync performance: We have a blazing fast new Sync algorithm. Along with that, We have migrated to AWS from Linode in this new update. Our infrastructure will scale automatically along with server load. Subscribing to collections, receiving updates, and even first time syncing would be instantaneous.

Collection Browser: You can browse collections in an expanded view next to the sidebar. No more searching through static API doc pages for countless hours! All changes are synced across your team so you are always up to date.

Tabbed browsing: Work on multiple requests in parallel! Tabs will take your productivity to another level.

Code generator: Generate code snippets in more than 15 languages by hitting the “Code” button.

Smoother UI performance: We have made tons of improvements in the interface layer to make Postman render at 60 FPS. Along with this, We have migrated all code rendering to AceEditor. This enables Postman to render thousands of lines of code without any hit in performance.

Better search: Searching through responses is now way easier thanks to AceEditor. You can jump to occurences and even use regular expressions.

Team Sync

Postman Sync for teams gives you the ability to collaborate between your team members in real-time. We have been in private beta for a while and now we are opening up the beta to everyone. We had a stellar private beta with more than 80 companies helping us clean up the rough edges!

Postman Sync for teams gives you:

  1. Real-time sharing between team members
  2. API directory to browse your team’s collections
  3. Access control for APIs (editable and read-only modes)
  4. Automatic versioning and undo (coming soon)

For the full list of features, check out our beta page at beta.getpostman.com/intro. Pricing plans start at $49/month for up to 10 users. If you are a smaller team, do email us at help@getpostman.com.

Pulling off something of this complexity would have been impossible without the support of our investors, Nexus Venture Partners, who have seeded us with a cool 1 million dollars. You can read the full announcement on TechCrunch.

We are more excited than ever in building Postman. There is a lot for us to do. The problems with API workflow exist for developers, small teams to big enterprises. Email us for suggestions and do follow us on Twitter