Postman 2.0 with Sync is here

We are very excited to launch Postman v2.0 on the Chrome Web Store today. 2.0 represents a major transition for Postman as a product and our first step towards building something much more comprehensive towards solving problems with API development.

With 2.0, Postman now has the ability to store and backup your data on the cloud using a service we call Postman Sync. Postman Sync backs up your Postman collections, environments, and header presets instantly and makes it available on other systems where you are using Postman. Your data is stored and transferred securely on our servers. And all of this is available for free!

Before we started off towards building Postman Sync on our own, we tried multiple alternatives. Unfortunately, none of the services had the speed and flexibility that we wanted for Postman. Moreover, our home grown solution helps us build a base for some amazing features that you will see soon inside Postman.

Postman Sync is being rolled out slowly. We will be sending out invites in phases as we scale up hardware.

Do note that the service is optional.

You can continue using Postman as before with all your data stored locally. No part of your data is exposed on the network unless you explicitly decide to share a collection or opt for Postman Sync.

If you are using the Postman legacy app, then Postman Sync is a big reason to migrate to the packaged app. Migration is easy and would just take a couple of minutes.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at or on Twitter (@getpostman).


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16 thoughts on “Postman 2.0 with Sync is here

  • Let me be the FIRST to tell you this is an exciting POST man… bud-um-chink… Thanks!

  • Does sync work with teams?

    • We have a beta on for that. The team plans will be separate from individual syncing but will allow sharing of collections and a lot more!

      • Team syncing is something I’d pay for, but a small step before then would be to have an “update” button for any imported collections that simply re-imports from the same URL. That way at least a team member can tell us that he has updated a Collection without me needing to find the original URL from an email/IM and manually paste it into the import dialog again?

    • As a user of teams, it would be great to be able to sync with my team. IT would be even better if I could choose the sync source so that I can control the access to it (and to add members to teams if they were purchased outside of the team interface)

      • +1

  • Awesome. Can’t wait!

  • This is a great feature and I would love to use it, but before I trust my sensitive data to the cloud, I need to know if the data is secured to the account and only accessible via the account holder’s credentials?

  • I am very
    glad that there
    was a feature “Postman Sync”.

    But can you provide
    information how to disable this function ?

    • If you’ve opted to enable Sync, you can send an email to to disable it.

  • Once it is turned on how do I turn it off?

    I would like to selectively not sync services/collections with sensitive data.

  • Sorry but for me “Sync” not working: All time shown “Syncing…”.
    Maybe it’s because of our proxy server.

    How do I turn it off?

  • Your new Release broke my Postman instance. Are there any caches/temp files I could clear without loosing my collections and environments?

  • Your new release broke my Postman instance. Are there any caches/temp files I could clear without losing my collections and environments? Cheers!

    • You can update to version by going to chrome:/extensions, enabling ‘Developer mode’, and clicking ‘Update extensions now’