How Postman enhances Amazon AWS DevOps


The Postman API Platform empowers developers to optimize their API production and consumption lifecycle while enabling enterprises to offer a collaborative, secure platform with the right enterprise governance.

As AWS continues to lead the charge in cloud computing and DevOps innovation, the integration of Postman offers a strategic advantage. By leveraging Postman’s robust features, AWS users can accelerate their API production and consumption lifecycle. This partnership empowers AWS teams to collaborate effortlessly, maintain stringent security measures, and drive optimal performance across their API development and microservices initiatives.

Postman Collections, workspaces, and the Private API Network serve as foundational pillars facilitating various aspects of the API lifecycle and collaboration within an enterprise setting. Let’s take a closer look at each.

3 pillars of Postman that accelerate workflows

AWS customers can use the following three core Postman features in their software development to shift design and testing workflows left—while accelerating product velocity:


  • Streamlined API development: Collections serve as comprehensive repositories for organizing and managing API requests, responses, and related assets.
  • Test automation: Pre-defined test scripts and assertions within collections enable seamless testing and validation of APIs.
  • Collaborative workflows: Facilitate team collaboration and transparency through shared collections, which promote consistency and efficiency in API development processes.


  • Collaborative environment: Workspaces serve as collaborative places for teams to solve problems efficiently.
  • Group workspaces: Differentiate between personal workspaces and group workspaces; you can designate a workspace as private, team, partner, or public to enable effective teamwork.
  • Shared context: Shared collections and environments within collaborative workspaces expedite collaboration and foster shared understanding.

Private API Network

  • Central directory: Provides a central directory of workspaces, collections, and APIs for internal use within the organization.
  • Optimized visibility: Enables developers to discover, consume, and track API development within a single, centralized catalog.
  • Versioning support: Supports versioning to maintain control and manage multiple versions of APIs.
  • Organizational structure: Organize APIs into hierarchical folders to mirror organizational needs.

Additional capabilities

Here are some additional Postman features that will be crucial in integrating Postman into customer’s DevOps processes:

Testing and test automation

Postman Collections help you write tests for APIs and API development. Customer success teams provide enablements, hands-on labs, and success sprints to facilitate learning. Users can leverage community resources for additional support and experience seamless integration with AWS CI pipelines via Postman CLI tools. Learn more about writing test scripts here.

Design and prototype an API in Postman

Postman facilitates gathering feedback on planned services through Postman Collections. Postman mocks allow you to convert collections to a working mock endpoint. This endpoint can be shared with potential consumers while they continue to provide feedback on the associated collections via Postman’s inbuilt. Then, the Postman Collection can be converted to an API specification and generation of server stubs. Learn more about designing and prototyping an API here.

Serverless architecture alignment

Postman naturally aligns with the serverless architecture AWS customers are developing, facilitating smooth deployment as microservices. Learn more about DevOps, source control, CI/CD, and API automation here.

Integration with AWS CI pipelines

Postman CLI tools allow seamless integration with AWS CI pipelines. You can find the step-by-step by process of integrating Postman into AWS CI pipelines here. Learn more about the Postman CLI here.

Postman leads to high-quality APIs

By leveraging Postman’s core capabilities—including collections, workspaces, and the Private API Network—AWS customers can streamline their DevOps processes, enhance collaboration, and accelerate the delivery of high-quality APIs.

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