Introducing Postbot, Postman’s new AI assistant


Generative AI models have gained significant traction in recent months, thanks to readily available APIs. AI has many unique applications, and we have been contemplating its implications for some time. We believe that generative AI will make humans more productive, improve software quality, and help us achieve our mission of enabling 100 million builders.

Recently, we introduced AI-driven autocomplete for FQL, the Flows Query Language that helps you build Flows. Building on that experience, we are excited to introduce Postbot, your AI assistant for API workflows in Postman. 

We view Postbot as your AI companion in Postman workspaces, helping you debug and understand APIs, write tests faster, and make sense of large quantities of data.

Postbot will help you design better test cases for API calls, and its understanding of the deep context of the API you’re working on will speed up your API testing workflow. You can use built-in suggestions to quickly tell Postbot what you need, or be more descriptive in your ask:

Writing tests with Postbot

We are excited about the longer-term potential of AI and the valuable role it can play. Soon, Postbot will be able to:

  1. Write documentation for your API calls.
  2. Build a test suite from scratch through the Collection Runner. Writing large test suites is time-consuming, especially when you are getting started. Postbot can write or update existing tests for your API calls through the Collection Runner.
  3. Summarize test data reports to help you focus on the most critical aspects.
  4. Debug API calls on your behalf, based on your intended outcomes.
  5. Help you search for the right API calls in the context of the workflow you are trying to achieve.

On May 22, 2023, we will introduce Postbot in an early access program, where we’ll work closely with select Postman users, students, and partners. Interested in participating in our early access program? Sign up here and we’ll notify you as we expand early access to additional Postman users.

Postbot will be available in our Basic and Professional plans at $9/user/month as an add-on starting October 15, 2023. We are currently working on making this capability enterprise-ready. Don’t hesitate to contact our product team for more information.

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8 thoughts on “Introducing Postbot, Postman’s new AI assistant

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    I vouch this can be very insightful to automatically given the test cases

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    Looks like an interesting change. Will be following progress in this area. For sure I can see input fuzzing and other ideas a useful addition.

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    How can I use Postbot in my Postman?

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    Can I use trial version for learning.

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    Waiting for the mind blowing features

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    hi abhijit, why postbot is better in comparison to other AI tool.

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    +1 for an option to trial it first

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    Thanks for why “Postbot” Wow for same. But I would like to know the security aspect for same how secure it shall be to use the same. Any articles for same appreciate if you share.