APIs to Automate Your DevOps Workflows


With the Public API Network offering APIs for nearly everything, this handpicked list is a group of popular APIs to automate your operations workflows. You can now make them part of your developer toolkit, and try them out by forking their collections to your own workspace to start exploring the possibilities. Learn about their tech, explore their APIs for free, and don’t forget about other Postman-featured APIs, workspaces, and collections in the network.

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  • Docker has become synonymous with containers, which are used to simplify and automate the deployment process for applications. And Docker Hub is the world’s largest library of container images from software vendors, open source projects, and the community. See how you can create, manage, and deliver your container applications in this Docker Hub public workspace.
  • CircleCI is a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform. Fine tune your development processes with pipelines, jobs, and workflows using the CircleCI API to deliver quality code with confidence. Try it out in this CircleCI public workspace.
  • Humanitec empowers developers to build an internal developer platform. Improve your productivity by automating deployments, orchestrate infrastructure, and spin up environments. Or deploy a simple web application to a Kubernetes Cluster using the Humanitec API. Try it out in this Humanitec public workspace.
  • CloudBees is a DevOps technology platform to automate previously manual jobs with continuous integration and delivery. Their feature management API allows development teams to release, control, and measure features in any environment in the deployment pipeline. Try it out in this CloudBees public workspace.
  • Vultr is an infrastructure cloud provider to deploy cloud servers, bare metal, and storage. They are an API-first company, and their API is teeming with resources to build apps and automate infrastructure management without using a customer portal. Save time managing your infrastructure and check out their recently-launched Vultr Kubernetes Engine. Check out their API in this Vultr public workspace.
  • Oracle Cloud is a cloud computing service for enterprise applications. Their public workspaces are packed with extensive API references and helpful guides for scaling up your infrastructure. Splash around in their Kubernetes Playground for Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE). Or if you’re just getting started, check out the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure REST APIs public workspace.

We hope these free up your operations team by automating your tedious DevOps workflows. And if you have other automation APIs to recommend, let us know in the comments below.

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