You spoke, we listened! Postman’s response to user feedback in GitHub—March 2024


We’ve all heard this before: “If you build it, they will come.” But sometimes it’s more like, “If you come and tell us, we will build it.”

Along with launching the big features you probably hear about, Postman engineering and support teams are constantly listening to feedback (positive and negative!) from our global community of more than 30 million developers. Understanding the API community’s concerns and requests at every level helps us do a better, faster job of making the Postman API Platform more helpful to you.

In this monthly blog post series, we’re sharing recent GitHub issues we’ve closed in response to your direct feedback. Take a look to see some of the conversations we’re having behind the scenes and how they’re leading to app performance improvements.

And don’t forget to keep telling us what you’re experiencing—or would like to experience—in Postman.

  1. Postman GitHub Issue #12511: Save requests from Interceptor in order by timestamp
  •   User feedback: When saving requests from Interceptor or Proxy sessions, the order in which requests were being saved in the collection was not deterministic.
  • Result: We updated Postman so that requests saved to the collection from Postman Interceptor or a Proxy session will be shown in order of the exact time when captured.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #9518: Ability to hover over variables to see the values  
  • User feedback: Users found it challenging to know what the resolved value of a variable was, particularly when working in multiple environments.
  • Result: We have been focusing on simplifying Postman’s UI under our theme of “simplify request sending and debugging.” We’ve updated Postman so that you can now hover over a variable in your JSON request body to see the variable information (like initial and current values and the scope of the variable). This is the first of many improvements that we’re planning for variables resolution and making variables easier to use within Postman.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #5805: Get the collection name in scripts
  • User feedback: Users wanted the ability to programmatically control their script execution and get relevant details. One specific request was around getting the collection names.
  • Result: We’ve updated Postman so that you can get the path and name of a request in scripts.
  1. Postman GitHub Issue #5040: Support for streamed responses   
  • User feedback: Users were unable to use streaming APIs in Postman.
  • Result: We’ve updated Postman with support for server-sent events to enable users to use server-sent APIs.

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