Top Payment APIs in Fintech


In a historically slow-moving industry, APIs are pushing the boundaries of innovation in the financial technology sector. And this trend is really apparent when it comes to the segment of payment companies. Check out Postman’s latest featured list: Top Payment APIs. These APIs are changing the way people manage digital payments. Make them part of your developer toolkit, and try them out by forking their collections to your own workspace. Let’s see who made the list.


Stripe powers payments for millions of online and in-person retailers, subscriptions businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and everything in between. Stripe is also an API-first business that actively develops their API. Try out the API in this Stripe public workspace.


Brex is an American fintech company that offers business credit cards and cash management accounts to technology companies. They have several APIs to manage your business’s finances, including initiating and managing payments and vendors from your cash accounts. Their developer docs guide new users to explore their APIs using Postman. Try out the API in this Brex public workspace.


Dwolla is an American fintech company providing businesses with a connection to the ACH and RTP networks. They have an API sandbox to try out their banking infrastructure to move money, store funds, validate customer identities, and verify bank accounts. See for yourself in this Dwolla public workspace.


Yodlee is an American fintech company, primarily a financial data aggregator that allows users to see their credit card, bank, investment, email, travel reward accounts, and more financial data on one screen. They also provide an API sandbox and step-by-step tutorial to onboard new developers easily. Try out their APIs in this Yodlee public workspace.


Finix is an American fintech company that provides infrastructure for large businesses to be their own payment processors. Their latest Flex solution offers transaction processing (card and ACH), merchant onboarding, and payment management via API. Try it out in this Finix public workspace.

There’s an API for everything in the Postman API Network! This hand-picked list is an interesting cross section of fintech APIs that push the boundaries of innovation in payments. Learn about their tech, explore their APIs for free, and don’t forget about other Postman-featured APIs, workspaces, and collections in the Public API Network. And if you have other payment APIs to recommend, let us know in the comments below.

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