Introducing the API-level Admin role for better version management


In our continuous pursuit of refining user experience and providing enhanced control over API development, we are thrilled to announce a significant…

Launching Live Preview for OpenAPI Specification editing


We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new feature that will enable you to write OpenAPI Specifications better: Live Preview….

Automate API versioning with the Postman API and GitHub actions

Postman helps your organization design, document, develop, test, and monitor your APIs. With versions, you can create and iterate on your APIs….

Build better APIs using the new and improved API Builder


At Postman, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible API development and management experience. By adding native Git capabilities…

How to make your APIs available to more consumers


In Postman’s Guide to API-First, we elaborate on how API producers and consumers interact in a full API lifecycle. Producers and consumers…

How we built it: Git workflows


When we think about API development, repositories are often the central focal point of the development lifecycle. With Git being a standard…

Announcing Postman’s redesigned API Builder with native Git support


Today, APIs are the building blocks of modern software and business—having evolved beyond just a mere interface to become fundamental in expanding…

Shifting Left with Postman


Successful organizations today understand that when quality-focused activities are started early in software development projects, it leads to significant benefits—not only in…

Postman API Builder Now Validates OpenAPI Definitions in Real Time


Since joining the OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) this summer, Postman has made a wave of incremental improvements to make our platform experience more…

How to Use Postman’s API Builder to Streamline API Development


Last year in the Postman v7.1 release, we introduced a new feature called API Builder that enabled users to improve API development…

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