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When we think about API development, repositories are often the central focal point of the development lifecycle. With Git being a standard tool for committing, pushing, pulling, and merging changes, it’s no surprise that Postman has evolved to natively include the Git workflow. In the latest livestream with Postman Product Manager Shashank Awasthi, we learn more about what it took to redesign the API Builder with native Git support. During this chat, Shashank gives us behind-the-scenes insight into the design, evolution, and development of this big feature and also shares best development practices when working with Git in Postman.

Native Git workflow with Postman in a nutshell

Postman’s API Builder is a place for you to create an API and manage the entire API lifecycle. The API Builder connects to the source code repository to automatically maintain API documentation, tests, and specifications alongside code. When developers link to their Git repositories they can collaborate with one another by committing directly natively within Postman. They are able to push, pull, and merge changes as well as work in a multi-user, multi-branch setup. Don’t forget to read more about Postman’s redesigned API Builder with native Git support here. 

Check out a few highlights

Here are a few topics the livestream covers:

Watch the full livestream

Learn more about Git workflows 

If you’re excited to get started with Git workflows, here are some links to documentation.

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