Introducing the API-level Admin role for better version management


In our continuous pursuit of refining user experience and providing enhanced control over API development, we are thrilled to announce a significant update to Postman. Starting today, we are introducing a new user role: the API-level Admin. This role brings a new level of control to the API version release process.

Previously, all API Editors in Postman had the ability to publish new API versions, which, while flexible, sometimes resulted in challenges in managing version releases. To address this, we’ve introduced the API Admin role to offer a more streamlined and controlled approach to API versioning.

What’s changing?

With the introduction of the API Admin role, the ability to publish new API versions is now restricted to these designated contributors. This means that Editor roles will no longer have permission to publish new versions independently. Instead, API Admins will oversee and manage this critical aspect of the API lifecycle.

Why the change?

This update is driven by our commitment to providing users with a robust and controlled environment for API development. By restricting the ability to publish new versions to the API Admin role, we aim to prevent unintended version releases and ensure a more structured approach to API version management.

Key benefits of the API-level Admin role:

  1. Enhanced control: API Admins now have exclusive control over the release of new API versions, ensuring a more secure and predictable version management process.

  2. Reduced risk of errors: Limiting the ability to publish new versions to a select group significantly reduces the likelihood of accidental version releases or conflicts.

  3. Clear accountability: The introduction of the API Admin role establishes clear accountability for API version management, making it easier to track and manage changes.

  4. Streamlined collaboration: With a more structured approach to version releases, Editors can focus on their core responsibilities, while API Admins take charge of version control, leading to better collaboration within development teams.

How to get started

Existing Postman users can easily implement this change by assigning the API Admin role to designated team members within their workspace. The workspace Admins are assigned this role by default, and they can then assign this role to other users on the team.

API-level roles

We are excited about the positive impact this change will bring to your API development workflows. Thank you for being a part of the Postman community as we continue to evolve and enhance our platform to meet your needs. As we roll out this update, we value your feedback, so leave us a comment below!

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