Introducing support for server-sent events in Postman


Support for server-sent events (SSE) has been one of the most popular requests we’ve received from the Postman community, and we are thrilled to announce that Postman now supports server-sent events for all users with Postman v10.10 and above.

Server-sent events is a standard for real-time communication between the client and server over HTTP/S. It allows for efficient and low-latency data transmission, making it a popular choice for applications that require real-time updates, such as chat apps, live sports updates, and more.

With this update, you can now easily test, debug, and document your SSE-based APIs along with your other APIs on a single platform. We invite you to take it for a spin and would love to know what you think.

Getting started

You can consume server-sent events in Postman just by creating a new HTTP Request. That’s it. No extra steps needed. Postman will automatically support SSE out of the box, automatically handle the connection, stream events for you, and display them in a consumable fashion. You can also drill deeper into these messages in the response section and search through them.

We’ve also introduced an SSE endpoint in the Postman Echo service for you to play around with the feature, and to understand and experiment with things on Postman. You can use the following endpoint:

Support for Server sent events in Postman
Server-sent events in Postman

With support for server-sent events, Postman continues to be the leading API client for developers and teams. Whether you’re working with HTTP, WebSocket, or gRPC, Postman provides a seamless and intuitive experience. We’re excited to see what you’ll build with SSE and Postman. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Watch and learn

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What do you think about this feature? Tell us in a comment below. You can also give product feedback through our Community forum and GitHub repository.


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