New Postman Public Workspaces by Mercedes-Benz, Salesforce, and Microsoft


We recently announced that Postman public workspaces were coming out of beta and into general availability, and there are already more than 10,000 public workspaces published on the Postman API Network. The network is a global resource that lets you browse the top public workspaces, APIs, and collections curated by Postman.

Who’s tapping into the power of public workspaces to share their innovation with the world? Mercedes-Benz, Salesforce, and Microsoft, for starters. We encourage you to check out their workspaces below and then explore the full public API network to see how you can also collaborate with millions of developers.

  • Mercedes-Benz public workspace: This workspace currently features 14 collections. It’s another way the team at supports developers, start­ups, and enterprises in creating innovative applications with official vehicle-related data products, APIs, and SDKs from Mercedes-Benz.
  • Salesforce public workspace: This workspace, created by the team at, currently features two collections. The workspace is part of the team’s mission to help developers working with the Salesforce platform to deliver continuous innovation using the powerful tools built into Salesforce. It features some quality requests such as:

Once you sign in to Postman, you can play around with any public workspace, including activities such as:

  • Watching elements to be notified of updates
  • Forking collections into your own workspace
  • Adding comments to start (or join) conversations

Watch and learn

Need a quick overview of what Postman public workspaces can do for you? Watch this 30-second intro:

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