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Attention all travel enthusiasts and travel industry professionals: have you been dreaming of your next adventure, but struggling to plan it all out? We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Travel API category, designed to provide you with access to a vast array of travel data and information from various sources—all in one place.

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Our Travel API category brings together a curated collection of travel APIs that will revolutionize the way you build travel-related applications. With these APIs, you can access real-time pricing and availability for flights, hotels, rental cars, and attractions, as well as reviews and ratings from other travelers.

So, what makes our Travel API category so special? Let’s dive right in!

  • Amadeus for Developers’ Public Workspace: With the Amadeus API, you can tap into a wealth of travel data, including flights, hotels, and car rentals. Access real-time pricing, availability, and even loyalty program details, empowering you to create robust travel applications.
  • APItude by Hotelbeds: Unlock the power of one of the world’s leading bedbank platforms with this API. Access a vast inventory of accommodations, from hotels to apartments, and enhance your application’s search capabilities and booking functionality.
  • Duffel: Streamline the flight booking process with Duffel’s API. Access flight search and booking capabilities from multiple airlines, making it easier than ever to offer your users a wide range of flight options.
  • Emerging Travel Group’s Public Workspace: This API is your gateway to a world of travel services. From flights to accommodations, tours to transfers, you can effortlessly integrate these services into your applications, providing your users with seamless travel experiences.
  • Postman Open Technologies – Partners – IATA: Work with IATA APIs to access their industry-leading APIs, enabling you to leverage rich travel data, such as flight schedules, airline directories, and ticketing information. Take your travel applications to new heights with these powerful resources.

With the travel APIs in the Postman Public API Network, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re building a travel booking platform, a travel management tool, or a travel recommendation app, these APIs will supercharge your development process. You can effortlessly access real-time data, offer personalised itineraries, and provide your users with a seamless travel experience.

These travel APIs are also developer-friendly, well-documented, and backed by excellent technical support. We want to empower you to create amazing travel applications without unnecessary complexity.

You can get started easily right now by forking any or all of these popular APIs to your own workspace.

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