OpenAPI vs. Swagger


Swagger 2 and OpenAPI 3 are API specifications that describe RESTful HTTP APIs in YAML- or JSON-based documents that can be read…

Translating user benefits into API capabilities


As part of my ongoing work designing the Postman Open Technologies Knowledge Base API, I have identified most of the technical characteristics…

Postman’s guide to 5 essential API testing techniques


Postman has revolutionized the way developers test APIs, offering a comprehensive set of tools and features that streamline the API testing process….

Automate API versioning with the Postman API and GitHub actions

Postman helps your organization design, document, develop, test, and monitor your APIs. With versions, you can create and iterate on your APIs….

Set up severe weather alerts around a geofence


With and Postman currently running the Harness the Weather Hackathon through August 1, 2023 (featuring a top prize of US$1,000!), this…

Performance testing vs. load testing vs. stress testing


This is a guest post written by Nikki Siapno, co-founder of Level Up Coding, a company that is transforming programming education with…

Build your own weather app with one call

Avatar is on a really cool mission to give you the most accurate real-time weather data, even going so far as launching…

Postman acquires Akita for automated API observability


Today, I’m happy to announce that Akita—who has built the fastest, easiest way to understand your APIs in production—has joined Postman. With…

The Postman VS Code extension is now in early access with new features


We recently announced the launch of the Postman VS code extension focusing on enabling users to send requests across multiple protocols in…

How we’re protecting your Postman API keys in GitLab


Today, we’re excited to announce a new integration with GitLab Secret Detection, which will protect your Postman API keys in GitLab public…

Postbot is now in open beta—try it today


Since we launched Postbot (Postman’s AI assistant) in early access, over 5,000 users have joined the program to start trying it out….

What are HTTP headers?


HTTP headers contain metadata in key-value pairs that are sent along with HTTP requests and responses. They can be used to define…