Happier times: companies share how Postman improves developer experience

Kamalpreet Badasha

No one needs friction, especially when you’re working, whether it’s tasks being repeated or out-of-date APIs being shared. With the Postman API Platform, a seamless experience is available for developers throughout the different stages of the API lifecycle: there are features to help with designing, building, or managing your APIs.

WhatsApp Senior Software Engineer Arushi Grover says, “I love that Postman focuses on being developer-friendly.” At WhatsApp, developers can onboard to the WhatsApp API ecosystem in minutes and easily collaborate using workspaces. Read on to hear from more companies whose engineers explain in their own words how Postman improves the developer experience (DX) for their teams.

Collaboration capabilities

The theme of collaboration comes up often with Visma Chief Software Quality Engineer Mili Orucevic, who shares, “The Visma teams really appreciate the collaboration capabilities of Postman.” This, in part, can be attributed to 50 minutes of meetings being eliminated every week, as bug-fixing time takes 10 minutes or less. Postman’s comprehensive features enable effective governance, robust security, and more. With everyone on the same platform using these features, collaboration is streamlined.

Improving code quality has many benefits, as rather than focusing on fixing things now, attention can be spent on solving for the future. For example, Postman’s API documentation tools keep everything in sync and up-to-date. The functionality of Postman is espoused by Thomas Schlegel, director of engineering, platform, at Built Technologies: “Postman gives engineers what they need most, day in and day out.”

Time to innovate

Leading on from functionality and being able to spend time on more innovative pursuits is well reflected in the experience of the financial services platform OVO. There, releasing features used to take up to two weeks—now, it’s down to two days.

The acceleration in processes has obviously had a positive effect on morale. OVO Head of Engineering Romin Adi Santoso is excited about how “Postman has definitely increased developer happiness.” Through workspaces, OVO has experienced improved synchronicity between developers managing APIs.

For more examples of how Postman makes businesses happy, visit our case studies page.

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