Understanding async/await in Node.js

Lillian Nose

Async/await is a native feature available in Node.js that makes it easier to manage tasks that take time, like waiting for a…

What is a GraphQL query?


A GraphQL query is a read operation that is used to request specific data from a GraphQL server. It allows clients to…

Play with these gaming APIs in the Postman Public API Network


This is a 2024 update to our previous Gaming APIs list published in June 2022. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of…

gRPC vs. GraphQL


REST has long been the dominant architectural style for building APIs, but several other API protocols have gained prominence in recent years….

How HubSpot uses Postman and GitHub for real-time API updates


This is a guest post written by Hannah Seligson, senior developer advocate, and Rohit Panicker, API tooling engineer at HubSpot. It can…

Highlights of GraphQL Day at Apidays Paris

The GraphQL community recently gathered in Paris for a significant event, GraphQL Day, which was part of the Apidays conference series that…

Easily access your billing data with the Postman API


The new Billing endpoints on the Postman API make it easy to retrieve information about your Postman account’s billing and invoice details—and…

How Postman uses Postman: feature exploration, AI research, and custom Flows


We love hearing from our community about how you’re using Postman to improve your API development experience—it truly continues to inspire us….

Happier times: companies share how Postman improves developer experience

No one needs friction, especially when you’re working, whether it’s tasks being repeated or out-of-date APIs being shared. With the Postman API…

G2 ranks Postman #1 API platform in multiple categories


We’re thrilled to share news from G2’s winter 2024 market report: Postman has once again been recognized as the leading API platform….

What is API latency?


API latency is the amount of time it takes for an API to respond to a request. Elevated API latency can negatively…

What is CORS?


CORS, which stands for “Cross-Origin Resource Sharing,” is a security standard that enables servers to indicate the origins from which browsers are…

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