We have been busy building some great stuff at Postman. That unfortunately means that we haven’t been regular with posts here. We pushed a release this week for Postman. Changes in Postman v0.10.5.1 and v0.10.5.2 are listed below. We missed a bug in v0.10.5.1, so just contains one bug fix.

  • [Bug fix] Issue 728 – If collection already exists, then show a choice asking whether you want to overwrite or keep the previous collection
  • [Bug fix] Issue 677 – Add restricted headers to both Interceptor and Proxy – Only interceptor, proxy not required
  • [Bug fix] Issue 670 – Cleaning up environment and global variables using a function.
  • [Bug fix] Issue 657 – Use CSS to break up text inside the sidebar
  • [Bug fix] Issue 706 – Show a modal with the CSV/JSON values – Show as a table there itself
  • [Bug fix] Issue 743 – Problem with Interceptor that needs to be fixed.
  • [Bug fix] Issue 652 – Add descriptions for folders
  • [Bug fix] Issue 750 – Preview Iframe size
  • [Bug fix] Issue 762 – Correct error message shown if no collection is selected in the collection runner.
  • [Bug fix] Issue 760 – Clicking ‘No’ on the delete collection modal doesn’t mess up the tooltips.
  • [Bug fix] Enter working to delete collections/requests/folders
  • [Bug fix] In the curl preview, there’s a space after the colon in the headers. (eg. HeaderKey: HeaderValue)
  • [Bug fix] Issue 764 – Do not erase a folder name when ‘Enter’ is pressed.

As usual you can find all the changes in the log. Three changes that I would like to highlight: 1. If a collection already exists, Postman gives you a choice of overwriting the existing copy or creating a duplicate. In earlier versions, Postman would just overwrite the collection. 2. You can now clean up environment and global variables with a function inside test scripts and pre-request scripts. To clear environment variables use postman.clearEnvironmentVariables() and to clear globals use postman.clearGlobalVariables() in your test scripts. 3. The collection runner let’s you preview values loaded in a data file. This is extremely useful to check if you have the correct format and that the file was loaded with the variables that you want to use in your test scripts.

We are brewing some amazing things here for the past couple of months. There are now close to eight hundred thousand developers using Postman according to the Chrome Web Store and I think we are just getting started! Oh and one more thing, here is a preview of the dark theme that we have been beta testing.

If you are interested in trying it out, let us know in the comments!