Postman Supports OpenAPI 3.0


The wait is over! With our most recent release, Postman now supports importing OpenAPI 3.0 specifications. Support for the OpenAPI specification has been a long time coming and we’re excited to provide more flexibility across formats to Postman; as well as integrate even more seamlessly into the API development workflow. OpenAPI support is available to all Postman users running v6.6.

Tell me more about OpenAPI

The OpenAPI Specification (formally Swagger specification) is an open sourced API description format for REST APIs. OpenAPI is a popular format because the specifications are written in JSON or YAML and are both, human and machine-readable.

OpenAPI provides a standardized format which allows API developers to perform quick and simple validation, auto-generate documentation with examples for easy integration, auto-generate client libraries and tests, and more.

Working with OpenAPI in Postman

OpenAPI folder view in Postman
Endpoints are imported as folders and subfolders.

You can import OpenAPI 3.0 specifications via file, url, or by directly entering JSON or YAML as raw text from the Import button within the Postman App.  

Endpoints are imported as folders and subfolders with all of their descriptions and documentation.

Examples are even brought over as sample responses in Postman! Now you can simultaneously take advantage of both OpenAPI and Postman Collections. 

We’re looking forward to supporting more formats and adding more functionality to Postman in 2019 and beyond so keep your eyes out! Please share any feedback you have about OpenAPI support on the Postman GitHub Issues page.

Import OpenAPI endpoints, examples, environments.
Import OpenAPI endpoints, examples, environments.


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    Export would be nice 😉


    No export == useless


    Postman crashes when I import openapi docs with version 3.0.1