Postman Level Up: Quick API Testing with Snippets


Do you hate writing API tests even though you recognize that they’re really valuable? You’re not alone. It’s almost universally agreed upon that API testing is both necessary and highly beneficial. But far too often, testing gets pushed to the back burner and becomes an afterthought.

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Thankfully, Postman has some built-in features to help you get started with testing quickly and proactively. Postman provides a suite of pre-made, customizable test scripts—also known as snippets—that allow you to implement tests in your requests with just a few clicks. These templates are simple to use and give you the tools to test for specific status code responses, determining if the response body contains a specific string, and much more.

Watch and learn

Check out our 2-minute Postman Level Up video tutorial to get started using customizable snippets for testing:

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