Introducing Bite-Sized Videos to Level Up Your Postman Game


When you show someone something they didn’t know about Postman, seeing their face light up makes you feel like a hero. Even minor productivity hacks can make a big difference in someone’s day-to-day life at work. Then, when that person shares these tips with their teammates, they get to be the hero too.

In the same way that Postman engineers continuously work to enhance the Postman API Platform with new features, we also try to find new ways of educating users on how to use those many features. Our latest video tutorial series—which dishes up bite-sized snacks—answers the call for quick how-tos.

With the Postman community now at 13 million strong (and counting), a lot of collective wisdom spreads by word of mouth. Inspired by the micro-conversations we have with all of you, the Postman team has created this new video playlist called Level Up. At around two minutes or less, these videos are short, digestible tips for leveling up your Postman game. Plus, they have an old-school video game aesthetic we hope you find as fun as we do.

The next time you’re waiting for the bus or want to kill some time, check out the growing list of Level Up videos (and more) on the Postman YouTube Channel. How many of these video topics do you know?

What would you like to see explained in a Postman Level Up video? Let us know in the comments below, and we might just turn your idea into a future Level Up.

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