Experts Talk: Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience

Developer relations experts representing well-known public APIs convened at Postman Galaxy 2021 to share their tips and insights for optimizing the educational experience for new and experienced users.

The “Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience” panel participants included:

  • Typeform Developer Advocate Nicolas Grenié, (moderator)
  • Twitter Developer Advocate Jessica Garson
  • Dropbox Solutions Architect Marcel Ribas
  • Vonage Developer Advocate Julia Biro
  • Dolby Laboratories Developer Relations Jayson DeLancey

Our experts shared their experiences building and managing their Postman API Network listings:

The developer experience panel discussed the following:

  • How and why did you introduce Postman Collections to your developer program?
  • How do you use collections internally in your organization?
  • How did you measure the impact of your collections in the Postman API Network?
  • What are some tips for building your collection?
  • How do you maintain your collection?
  • How will you improve your collections?
  • How do you handle version control and governance?

Several organizations authored collections during hack weeks or after their community members requested it. Our industry experts shared tips about time to Hello World, interactive education, and these soundbites:

  • “Regardless of the background [developers] come from, before they touch the code, they want to see how it works.”
    Hear more insights from Julia Biro, developer advocate at Vonage.
  • “The biggest challenge that we have is authentication. We use collection variables to store keys that can be used in all requests.”
    Hear more insights from Marcel Ribas, solutions architect at Dropbox.
  • “Dealing with change over time and trying to get version management down, is something that weighs on our mind.”
    Hear more insights from Jayson DeLancey, developer relations at Dolby Laboratories.
  • “Having a Postman Collection makes your API more accessible to more developers.”
    Hear more insights from Jessica Garson, developer advocate at Twitter.

Watch the full Postman Galaxy “Postman Collections as Part of Your Developer Experience” panel discussion here:

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