Native App with full Postman functionality for Windows Users

Good news for our Postman Windows users: we have launched a native app for Windows, available now on the Postman website. We know more than half of our Chrome app users work on Windows, and a Windows native Postman App was a much requested addition to our product line.

The Windows app provides the same benefits as the Mac native app, based on a complete platform for building, testing, documenting and sharing APIs, making your workflow faster and easier. Like the Mac app, the Windows app provides developers with seamless request capturing and cookie handling functionality.

The Windows app is free, of course, like our Mac and Chrome apps. The Windows app is available both in 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64), for Windows 7 & later. You can read more about how to install it here.

For existing Postman Windows users who currently use the Chrome app, this Windows native app provides a single package for key Postman features. Users of the Postman Chrome app needed to download the Postman Interceptor Chrome Extension in order to manage cookies and capture requests in the desktop browser. The Windows native app, like the Mac native app, packages this feature within the app itself.

Existing Windows Postman Chrome users will want to port existing data and Postman Collections to the new native Windows App. That’s easily done – all you need do is sign into your Postman account after you download and start the new Windows app, and all your history and collections will be automatically synced.

For Windows developers new to Postman, getting started is quick. You’ll want to download the aapropriate app here, then read through this documentation on how to get started. In particular, be sure to read about creating Postman Collections: collections are at the core of working with Postman, a way to save and share commonly used API requests, as well as write and store tests and documentation to go with the requests. Using Collections will make your API workflow faster and easier.

The Windows app is a critical step in making API workflows faster for all developers. To get started, go to and download the app.