Introducing Auto-Flex for Teams


Postman’s journey from a simple REST client to a leading API platform that delivers high productivity, great quality, and airtight governance to more than 500,000 organizations around the world has been a truly exhilarating transformation. A crucial part of that journey has been providing ever-greater collaboration within and across teams working on APIs. The Postman platform has grown to support collaboration between frontend and backend developers, across business units, and—with the most recent addition of public workspaces—between partners and external collaborators as well.

We’re constantly focused on improving the accessibility and flexibility of the platform’s collaborative capabilities. Recently, it became clear there was another improvement we needed to make in this area. While striving to understand the needs of growing teams, we discovered a current user pain point: Developers have been hindered in their ability to add team members to collaborate immediately when needed, and this was slowing them down.

Until now, Postman required the purchase of an additional license before a team member could be added. This problem was something we wanted to solve in order to provide the nimble, useful, and intuitive platform experience that Postman customers expect and deserve. So, as our latest step towards a more frictionless and flexible model that enables more teams to build great things with Postman, we’re introducing our new Auto-Flex team policy.

Effective April 8, 2021, Postman users with admin roles can add as many team members as they need, at any time, without having to purchase additional licenses up front. They can then assess the value of each member before keeping them on the team. Users with billing roles will pay for the additional retained users in a monthly or quarterly cycle based on their subscription term.

How does Auto-Flex help a growing team?

Simply put, Auto-Flex enables team admins to add users without having to pay in advance. We want you to be able to gauge the value of the added users, and based on your actual requirements, retain or remove them before the billing date.

For any additional users you choose to retain, we will automatically charge you according to your plan:

  • Monthly plans are charged for additional users on a monthly basis
  • Annual plans are charged for additional users on a quarterly basis

This lets your teams use what they need when they need it, and any overages incurred during that period will simply be added to your monthly or quarterly statements.

Admins and billing contacts will be notified ahead of your Auto-Flex billing date so that they have enough time to add more users or remove users before the billing date. The admin dashboard and the billing dashboards provide you with complete visibility into the number of users you have added, which will help you optimize their roles and permissions.

We’re excited to bring this new flexibility to you to open up greater collaboration and fuel more experimentation—all without any up-front impact on your payments. As we see our customers building extraordinary applications when they collaborate across roles—including backend developers, API engineers, product managers, DevOps, solution engineers, and more—we will continue to improve flexibility and reduce friction. We believe this Auto-Flex model is another step to help our customers get the most out of Postman, and out of APIs.

So go ahead: Add your users, collaborate often, experiment more, and see the value of the Postman platform with the full force of your evolving team.

If you have any questions about the new Auto-Flex team policy, please refer to our Auto-Flex page, or reach out to us via the Postman Support Center.

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