How to Be Our Guest on the Postman Blog

When I want to learn how to do something in Postman, the internet is flooded with tutorials and videos from community members who want to share their knowledge with the rest of us. Postman has one of the most talented and generous communities in the world.

And you might already know that Postman has an open call for guest writers to contribute original articles. If you’re interested in writing for the Postman blog, check out the detailed submission guidelines for our guest blogger program here.

Read on for ideas and inspiration.

What should you write about?

Postman is looking for technical tutorials, thought leadership, and other educational resources to teach our community something new and discover what’s possible with APIs. This is an opportunity for developers of all experience levels to contribute to the Postman blog.

Here are examples of exemplary guest contributions.

How to Catch Breaking Changes Before They Happen by Allen Helton
This writer shares a personal anecdote about the SmartThings API releasing an update that breaks his home automation workflow. He recommends some ways to increase resilience, and shows how to set up your own monitor for breaking changes.

Shift-Left Testing: What It Is and How to Achieve It by Dan Martin
This writer introduces an industry trend called shift-left testing and tells a real-world example of a client shifting left. He talks about the struggles, requirements, and benefits of making this change for test automation.

Automate Your Reading List with a Typeform and Notion Integration by Nicolas Grenié
This writer walks step-by-step through how to set up an integration using his organization’s API and another public API and then suggests ways to go beyond the initial scenario. He also talks about dealing with recursion using a Postman script.

How Spritely Uses Postman to Create Health Tech for Retirees by Ryan Cornelius
This writer talks about an industry trend called Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), the state of healthcare in New Zealand, and how his organization uses Postman to create the APIs empowering interconnected medical devices.

The topics that resonate best with the Postman community:

  • Show you how to build something
  • Introduce a technology or concept (or a fresh take on it)
  • Describe something interesting happening in an industry and why it’s important

Check out the guest blog submission guidelines for more information, and to submit an idea.

What should you NOT write about?

No sales pitches or overtly self-promotional content. If you’re excited about your company’s latest release or introducing a new public workspace, that is a stellar topic for your own blog or a social media post.

These topics are not acceptable for the Postman blog:

  • The first page of your developer docs
  • Why your technology is great
  • Non-original content, or a rehash of something you’ve already written on your own blog

While these are great topics for other channels, they’re not relevant for the Postman blog as stand-alone articles. If you think the Postman community wants to know about your ideas, tweet about it and tag Postman so we can help support it.

What if I don’t want to write for the Postman blog?

If you’re content to blog on your own or really like making videos and workshops, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know what you’re working on by tagging Postman on social media on Twitter or LinkedIn, or tell us in the comments below. And if you’re interested in a full-time job that involves writing or doing something else, Postman is always hiring.

What do you think about this topic? Tell us in a comment below.


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