Postman Level Up: How to Create Your Public Profile

Imagine: You’ve made some Postman Collections you’re proud of. You think that other Postman users will find them interesting or useful. You want to share these collections, and you want them to be attributed to you.

Enter Postman public profiles. A public profile is a record of your work in Postman and a representation of your presence in the Postman community. You can add a bio and details about yourself, your social network profiles and content links, and your public collections for easy sharing. Don’t forget to upload a cool cover image to personalize your profile’s visuals—have fun with it.

Most importantly, set your profile to “public” in order to share your public workspaces and published collections. By sharing your profile URL directly, or by being discovered through your published collections, you can receive valuable feedback about your work. Our hope is that your work, and our community, will benefit from the suggestions, fixes, kudos, and credit you can receive.

Watch and learn

Check out our 2-minute Postman Level Up video tutorial to create your public profile:

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1 thought on “Postman Level Up: How to Create Your Public Profile

  • I just came here to fork the MS Graph Collection so I can do something. Now I am being asked to make my existing profile public in order to do this. Does this make all of my existing collections public? This article and video are not clear on this. Further info on public workspaces.. a quick glance I cannot tell if all workspaces are public or not.. tldr