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This blog post and category list were updated on June 23, 2023.

Software development is much harder when development workflows are full of interruptions and context switches. Thankfully, APIs not only help build better software, but they can help us build software better.

At Postman, we are continually inspired by the breadth of productivity-improving APIs people are sharing on the Postman API Network, so we put together a list of the best APIs that will help you be more productive in your development workflows and create more space for deep thinking. Let’s have a look at some of the APIs in this new category:

  • Microsoft Graph API empowers you to integrate and interact with a wide range of Microsoft services and data through a unified RESTful interface. You can tap into the vast amount of data using this API and create amazing apps that connect with millions of users.
  • Laravel JSON:API simplifies the integration of a robust JSON:API specification into your applications, empowering you to efficiently build RESTful APIs with standardized JSON responses and effortless resource management.
  • Notion brings your notes, docs, wiki, and project management into one place, and makes all your work customizable—so your team gets to work exactly the way you want it to. The Notion API helps you connect Notion pages and databases to the tools you use every day, creating powerful workflows.
  • ML Tools for Developer Professionals workspace allows users of all skill levels to build neural networks and have them trained with their data. Using the neural network, they are able to classify strings, integers, and images as well as build models that can be tested against our API to see how well a user’s API performs.

Explore our entire list of Developer Productivity APIs, then try out these APIs by forking their collections to your workspace and making them part of your own developer toolkit.

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